What’s in Your Carry-on Bag?

In 24hours I will be boarding a plane to the beautiful Barcelona, Spain! It is admittedly the first trip outside the country that I will be taking without my family by my side. Filled with excitement and concern, I have been checking and re-checking what I am bringing with me on my trip. On a recent overnight trip to New York, I had been in such a rushed state to leave for my trip there were some essentials I forgot to bring on my short visit. (You’d think after years of travelling I’d be a little more cautious, right?) As such, I have made a simple checklist on what I am bringing on my carry-on bag for myself and to you lovely globetrotters out there.

Here, I focus more on the carry-on as my suitcase is usually filled with a variety of clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries.


Source: Stacey Callaway @ Pintrest

The air conditioning on an aircraft can be quite intense at times and may leave you feeling a bit chilly. I usually bring a light sweater/cardigan and scarf onboard just in case. I highly advise to dress in comfortable clothes – especially for those long flights! I personally prefer to wear leggings, sneakers, and layer up with a hoodie and scarf.

 music & accessories

Source: Tech-Kid

Wherever I go, I always carry my music with me. I love playing music whenever I travel because when I find myself associating memories and moments to the songs I hear. Everytime I hear “Red, Red Wine”, I am instantly thrown back to the night of my first cruise and hearing it play while I was on the deck watching the stars (sappy but true).

Face & Body Cream

Source: ©iStockphoto.com/Inga Ivanova

The air onboard the plane is recirculated and lacks moisture, which leads to the air trying to draw out moisture anywhere it can (ie. your skin) which ultimately leaves your skin feeling dry and tight. To counter this, I highly advise to keep face and body cream handy for before, during, and after your flight. If you want to avoid carrying too much, you can always go to your local Sephora and ask for samples. As well, be sure to drink plenty of water.


Source: Imgkid.com

Dry mouths = bad breath. Alongside keeping yourself hydrated with water, pack a some mints so keep your breath nice and fresh. As well, mints can help combat nausea that you may experience on your flight. I personally prefer to keep both mints & gum on me, how about you?


  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Eye drops
  • Lipbalm
  • Passport (I have actually witnessed someone forgetting their passports at the airport and having a panic attack…not a great start to a trip!)
  • Chargers
  • External battery
  • Pen
  • Wallet (Again, it happens.)
  • Paper facial masks (Not for all, but definitely for me!)

Depending on where I go, I do bring my laptop or tablet. For this upcoming trip, I rather have all my information saved on my phone/iPod as well as carry a hard copy on hand. Are you travelling anywhere in the near future? What do you bring with you?

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