Toronto Macaroni & Cheese Fest 2015

mac & cheese fest | a comfort foodie wonderland

This past weekend was Toronto’s first Mac N’ Cheese Fest (presented by Metro) where restaurants gathered to present different takes on a comfort food classic. The line ups to get the tokens used for “purchasing” the dishes was nothing short of insane: during the rush, the line up to buy tokens would circle around the corner of the market! The line up for the stands were roughly 10~30 minutes depending on which stall. That said, there were some very unique takes on a childhood classic.

Smash Mac | Junked Food Co.


This rendition of mac&cheese is a funky mix of jalapeno cheetos topped with junked pico, creamy cheddar mac, bacon, and jalapeno with siracha ketchup (I took a picture of the menu for reference). Definitely a comfort food that I’d love to curl up and munch on.

Mac & Cheese Duck Dynasty | Merci Mon Ami

IMG_1828[1]Delicious and with a vibrant and delicate presentation. I passed by this stand and had to snap a picture of the display before snacking! Again, I had to take a picture of the menu as it was a very intricate dish: A hot deep fried panko crusted mac and cheese puck topped with a cold BBQ duck/wasabi /ginger/ green onion macaroni salad, garnished with crushed double smoked sweet and sour lemon zest bacon, organic pea tenders.

5 Cheese Mac & Cheese | SOCO Kitchen + Bar


A very rich and true to the roots dish. The line up was wild but definitely worth the wait.

Maple Ice Cream with Candied Macaroni {?} | H Bar

IMG_1797[1]Very different from what I had expected but a very simple and light dessert. A very cute dessert that was perfect for the festival.

Macaroni Chicken Wing With Cheese | H Bar

IMG_1798[1]A creative idea: macaroni crusted chicken wing with Amsterdam Cheese Wheel Sauce! The chicken wing was very juicy and tender and the sauce was very rich.

More pictures of my foodie adventures on Instagram so please take a gander when you have time or just in need a foodie pic-me up!

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