Looking alive even if you don’t feel it!

Look alive even when you don’t feel it

Sick but you still gotta make it to work/school? I feel ya! Lately I have been dealing with your common-but-unwanted cold, which means that there are tons of phlegm-y tissue dumplings everywhere (ew!). Runny nose, coughing fits, and feeling overall like a zombie. Sadly, this doesn’t mean I get to take time off work everyday until I am better. But just because you don’t feel 100% like you, doesn’t mean you have to look it! Here are some simple tips & tricks I use to try to look alive on sick days.

Dry Skin | Moisturizers & water intake

Image Source: Early Care

When you are sick, you are always advised to drink more water and stay hydrated. Do not forget to give your skin some love too! When you have a cold or flu, you need to remember to keep your skin hydrated – especially the nose area if you have a runny nose. I personally use Clinique’s moisturizing lotion myself.

Sallow/Uneven Skin Tone | Colour Correcting Primers & CC Cream

Image Source: Beauty Almanac

It’s quite common that when we get sick, our skin can look a bit yellow and unveven. You can easily combat this with colour correcting primers. If your skin is looking a bit yellow, use a purple primer to balance it out. If you have red splotches, use a green primer to even out your skin.Opt for a CC cream to achieve a light to medium coverage rather than foundation. I personally prefer to use the Smashbox primers (as featured) and I am currently obsessed with the Amore Pacific CC Cream Compact.

Puffy Red Eyes | Eye Drops, Cucumbers & Cool Spoons

Image Source: Relogy Shop

I’ve always felt like a person’s eyes can speak for them. When you’re sick, your eyes tend to get red and puffy. Over the counter eye drops can combat the red eyes but the skin around it will need some love to brighten up your look. Try using chilled spoons or cucumbers to counter the puffy-ness. There are products that are said to help with de-puffing your eyes as well, but I prefer to use my trusty spoons!

Zombie Panda Eyes | Balance, Conceal & Brighten

Image Source: She Finds

The first thing I always do after de-puffing is prime with peach-colored primers. You can opt to use Benefit’s Erase Paste which can often cover dark circles altogether. I usually combine both the Erase Paste with Makeup Forever’s Concealer in No.7. I finish off by using a bit of highlighter to brighten the eye area – really “waking up” my eyes. Remember, when you are concealing dark circles, bring it down and conceal in a triangle shape rather than simply under your eyes (as featured).

You can always opt to do more such as curling your eyelashes (surprisingly effective!), putting on some eyeliner, mascara, and blush – but the aforementioned tips should really brighted up your face. Of course, plenty of rest and water can speed up the process immensely so that you can get back to being the natural and healthy you!

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