On my days off I try to see more of our gorgeous city. No matter how long you have lived in a place, you can still find things to appreciate and explore, right? I started my adventure today at the St. Lawrence Market and was welcomed by the delicious aromas that filled the building. From fresh pastries to that morning coffee smell, I was excited to start my foodie rampage! I actually found Everyday Gourmet by accident (I was looking for my friend and came across it!). I was drawn in by the sheer amount of coffee beans they had to choose from. I decided I wanted my favourite morning bev – a latte. It was rich in taste, smooth in texture and a delight.

I made my way upstairs and was simply giddy with excitement! There is simply so much to see, smell, and of course taste. I decided that today we will go with a seafood brunch. I went to the ever popular Buster’s Sea Cave and was not surprised by the line up that awaited me. Orders were being taken efficiently and our food was prepped and handed to us in no time. Here’s my brief recap for all my fellow foodies:

  • Lobster Bisque:: Nothing short of delicious. It smelled amazing and the texture was a rich, velvety and made my tongue purr for more. The flavour is just as impressive – there was no skimping on fresh ingredients for sure.
  • Crab cakes:: I was impressed by the size of the crab cakes for starters. Secondly, it was packed with flavour and well seasoned. The cook is perfect and the sauce that accompanies it enhances it but does not take away from the star of the show.
  • Rainbow Trout Sandwich:: First off, I love coleslaw and the fact that we got some with each dish made my day. Secondly, the sandwich is well balanced with delicious fresh toasted bread. My trout was cooked and seasoned to perfection and I was down for seconds once even though we were stuffed by that point.

Aside from the delicious cooked food that is offered at the market, the range of fresh ingredients up for sale is incredible. From fresh seafood to organic spices, you can take a lot home to cook up a delicious meal for you and your loved ones.

Coming up next, beer and snacks at a busy Pokestop?!

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