Review: Tapagria

Taste of Spain in Markham

I have been waiting to try this place out for a while now and was ecstatic when my colleagues suggested we come here for our get together! This Markham restaurant serves a variety of Spanish tapas Let me be very upfront and say that yes, the prices are a little steep but the food is delicious and I would definitely go again.

Ambiance & Service

If you have ever read any of my previous reviews on Yelp or otherwise, you will know that the overall setting and service is just as significant as the quality of foods that you get at a restaurant. With regards to Tapagria, the decor is contemporary-rustic themed and you will get hints of Spanish culture in the design as well. Perhaps it is the nature of the cuisine or just a taste of the culture, but the environment is incredibly lively and makes you want to grab a beer and simply enjoy the space and company.  The service is wonderful – there really isn’t another way to describe it. We were seated immediately, provided water, and given recommendations along the way. Our server was very friendly and took the time to make small talk, checked on us throughout our meal and was charming to the end.


The food is a wonderful mix of high end dishes (such as seared foie) and delicious snack to pair with your drinks. I highly recommend coming on Tuesdays when Tapagria has its $1 Oyster special. You get an assortment of different oysters that are incredibly fresh! If you wish to try Tapagria’s Paella, make sure you choose the one you want before you sit down because you need to give them 45 minutes to prepare it! Overall, the food quality was indeed delicious but did it make sense for the price point? I’d say that it is still a little pricey but not undeserved.


Food: 8/10

Service: 10/10

Would go again?: Yes, and soon.




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