My Apologies

For the past few months I have been kept away from blogging and updating this website. I wanted to offer my sincere apologies for neglecting a site I had started and supposedly dedicated myself to. I have spent a lot of time reconfiguring my life, resetting my priorities, and finding my focus again. At any rate, if you had been following along on IG, you know that I slowed down on my snaps for a while but now I am back and refreshed. If any of you ever feel stuck, lost, or just a little hopeless, never hesitate to turn to the ones you love and trust. I had always been scared to trust and truly open up to someone. I always kept my guard up, let little bits of myself show at a time. But now, I am stronger because I can finally say that I have learned to have faith in someone…that when they say they love, care, and accept me…that they mean it. While it sounds like a high school girl’s diary entry, it is a sincere blissful moment when I realized that it was okay to believe that I can let someone in and believe that they won’t take it for granted.

I read countless articles over the past few months and these are the main points that kept me going:

  • Always appreciate someone who looks for the best in you, even as you grow and change throughout life.
  • Everyone has flaws, acknowledge yours and change what is damaging but also embrace who you are. Don’t change who you are fundamentally to suit someone else’s needs/wants because you will lose your self-worth.
  • Just because you feel stuck, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are…it just means that you are now open to new opportunities.
  • Never give up. It sounds silly but we can easily accept defeat at times because it is easier than trying again or trying something new. Push yourself to do more, experience more, especially when you haven’t quite figured out your next step. I’m not saying do something damaging to yourself…but try a new hobby/sport/activity or meet new friends. Even something as simple as trying new foods is a step forward from where you were before you tried it.

Hope you guys are ready for more updates. New Post about Disney coming your way!

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