Spanish Delicacies

Taste of Barcelona

On my recent trip to Barcelona, I have had the pleasure of dining at some local and tourist food sights. Below are some of the most memorable food experiences on my trip.

Pinchos | Pintxos

Original Photography by Kiwi

Similar to tapas (post to come), pinchos are small snacks that are served with a small toothpick or skewer, which are usually used to keep track of how many you have consumed. The word “pincho” is Spanish for spike – referring to how the food is skewered. While it is common that pinchos are ingredients served atop a slice of bread, this bar also served other dishes that were skewered (both shown in the left image). Depending on which bar you frequent, the use of the skewers could variate slightly; some bars may use different skewers for different priced dishes while others simply take the number of skewers you have on your plate and charge accordingly.

Pan Con Tomate | Pa amb tomàquet

Pan Con Tomate
Original Photography by Kiwi

Translating directly as “Bread with Tomato”, this Catalan dish was served at almost every tapas restaurant that I visited. As seen in the image, this dish is quite simple and requires the most basic of ingredients: bread, tomatoes, garlic, salt, and olive oil. To make it, you rub a bit of raw garlic on the toasted (or stale) bread, rub on your tomato, add salt and olive oil. This dish was to be a solution for stale bread (which still holds true now). While it can be served as is, this dish can also be accompanied with ham, cheese or other ingredients to add some variety. Most sandwiches are also prepared with rubbed garlic and tomatoes (see below).

Bocadillo jamón

Original Photography by Kiwi

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